Established in 1993


The Department of Botany, started in 1993, is an important part of the Science wing of Haribhai V. Desai College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
The department started with the F.Y. B.Sc. course and introduced the S.Y. B.Sc. course, the following year. The department is well equipped. It also boasts a library with a varied collection of course and reference books.Modern teaching methods are incorporated in the daily teaching such as use of LCD projector, OHP slideshows, PowerPoint presentations etc. Every year the department arranges special workshops for the students to guide them on proper techniques of study, learning and methods of paper solving. These are conducted by experts who provide inputs such as importance of neat and labeled diagrams, time management, sample model answers etc. As the subject is directly related to nature, the department arranges co-curricular activities such as botanical excursions and collection trips. These activities are designed to observe and study plant diversity, soil types, vegetation types etc. Visits to poly-houses and Biotech laboratories are arranged to keep the students at pace with the new technological advances and developments in the field of Botany. They also learn the art of formulating a project report. Department a has a terrace botanical garden consisting of more than 250 potted plants. This garden again is maintained and developed by the students. The department takes keen interest to help the weaker students by giving regular home assignments and conducting weekly or monthly tests. Guest lectures are arranged by external experts in the field of Botany to provide an insight on the subject. Students are also encouraged to participate in treks, inter-collegiate competitions, exhibitions etc. The Botany department, now running in its 24th year, is marching ahead keeping pace with the advancement in science and scientific techniques and focusing on complete student development as a whole.

Class Strength

Year 2016-2017
F.Y.B.Sc Boys Girls Total
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 14 Girls 41 Total 56
Total 56
Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.Sc Boys 34 Girls 61 Total 95
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 14 Girls 37 Total 41
Total 136 Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.Sc Boys 24 Girls 64 Total 88
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 9 Girls 32 Total 41
Total 129 Year 2013-2014
F.Y.B.Sc Boys 26 Girls 59 Total 85
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 15 Girls 32 Total 47
Total 132 Year 2012-2013
F.Y.B.Sc Boys 25 Girls 66 Total 91
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 15 Girls 25 Total 50
Total 141

Student Achievers

Year 2015-2016
Nikumbh Samir
Nanaware Omkar
Raut Gayatri
Zagade Namrata
Year 2014-2015
Singh Garima
Ansari Shabnam
Todkar Shital
Saggu Gurupreet Kaur Year 2013-2014
Saggu Gurupreet Kaur
Kulkarni Shivani
Bagwan Saba M.
Shaikh Afnanan Year 2012-2013
Mistry Bhumika M.
Pandey Priya A.
Dabke Suyash G.
Kirad Payal V


- Plantation at Kolwadi Village, Tal. Velhe. - Workshop on ‘Career Guidance and counseling for Postgraduates’ - Intercollegiate Workshop on ‘ Flower Arrangement’ - An evergreen department directly related to outdoor, arranges co-curricular activities such as ‘Plant of the Week’, visit to Green-houses, botanical excursions etc, and extracurricular activities too. - Plantation in the College Campus


Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.Sc - 89.66%
S.Y.B.Sc - 94.66%
Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.Sc - 85.33%
S.Y.B.Sc - 96.66%
Year 2013-2014
F.Y.B.Sc - 72.33%
S.Y.B.Sc - 91.33%
Year 2012-2013
F.Y.B.Sc - 83.33%
S.Y.B.Sc - 94.50%

Tie Ups

BMCC Capmus plant Identification Agricultural College Shivajinagar Pune


Maharashtra Olympiad Movement State Level Nurturance Camp(Resource Person) 23 to 29.4.2015 Muktangan Exploratory, Shivaji nagar, Pune


- To submit a research proposal to U.G.C.

- To start short term applied course in Botany.

- To start T.Y.B.Sc. Course.