Established in 1987


Geography subject is taught on general level for undergraduate courses.
Department of Geography is one man Department. Dr.Mrs.Vileena Inamdar is a head of this Department. Geography subject is taught on general level for undergraduate courses. Students have to study the following subjects For first year -Principles of Geomorphology For Second year –Disaster Management For Third year – Regional Geography of India. Throughout the year Department is active. Along with class teaching Department takes efforts for students over all development. We conduct local visits to Weather forecasting institute(Simla office),University of Pune, for observing various landform features we organise visit to Taljai pleatue, we organise visit to Okayama and Empress Garden for observing Geographical, Environmental and Botanical aspects of the garden. As a social responsibility we organise, Clothes Drive, under this drive we collect old clothes from College staff and students and donate it for the poor people residing near Dandekar slum area, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Slum Area and Tribal people of Gadchirholi. We celebrate different International Days. We celebrate International Yoga Day, World population day, World science day etc. and organise guest lectures, visits, quiz competitions. We send students for participating State or University l level seminars in various colleges. We organise different events for our students.

Class Strength

Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.A Boys 70 Girls 72 Total 143
S.Y.B.A Boys 29 Girls 29 Total 58
T.Y.B.A Boys 17 Girls 17 Total 34
Total 235
Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.A Boys 51 Girls 60 Total 111
S.Y.B.A Boys 17 Girls 18 Total 35
T.Y.B.A Boys 25 Girls 25 Total 50
Total 196

Student Achievers

Year 2015-2016
Sanket Alapure
Snehal Potdar
Suraj Hoval

Dhame Nikhil
Omkar Mhaske
Thorat Mrunali T.Y.B.A
Akshay Khilari
Nagnath Kharat
Navle Ganesh


- From last two years 2015 and 2016 Department has been organised international yoga Day on 21st of June it has been celebrated for all the teaching and non teaching staff members of our college. Dr.Vileena Inamdar has given guidance on “Health management “and showed power point presentation on it.
- From the last 10 years Department is organizing, local visit to (P.L.Deshpande) /Okayama friendship Garden on Pune Sinhagad Road for observing environmental,geographical and botanical aspects.
- From last 10 years Department conducts local visit to Taljai Pathar,Sahakarnagar for observing various types of Rock weathering types and processes of weathering. - From last 20 years Department conducts this activity of Atharva shirsha Recitation competition during Ganesh festival.Students recite and enchanted the Atharvashirsha.(More than 100 participants took part in it.) - Every year we organize project writing competition for the students of S.Y.B.A.on topic “Disaster Management”.They prepare projects with the help of newspaper cuttings and learn various types of Disasters and their effects.
- Department organized the guidance through lecture for the students of those who appear for the competitive examinations on Subject ‘Geography and techniques of scoring marks.
- Last three years we conduct this activity in our college ,we collected old clothes from college staff and students and distributed old clothes and sweets among the small children and ladies residing at Dandekar bridge slum area. - On 10th of February 2016,Wednesday organised lecture on “Stress Management” and Yoga demonstration.Divya Jamwar from Jammu and Kashmir given guidance for managing stress and Kirti and Sneha Sharma from West Bengal and Hardwar given demonstration of Yogic exercises.(More than 40 students participated in this activity.)
- On 23rd of January 2016,Saturday,organized local visit to Empress Botanical garden for observing botanical exhibition and environmental and botanical aspects of the garden(More than 50 students participated in this event)


Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.A - 85.20%
S.Y.B.A - 98%
T.Y.B.A - 100%
Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.A - 85.71%
S.Y.B.A - 99.9%
T.Y.B.A - 92%

Tie Ups

- Jeevidha (NGO) - Nisarg Sevak Vruksha Samvardhini - DGSI- Deccan Geographical Society of INDIA - Bhugolshastra Parishad Pune


- Web conduct and deliver lectures for soft skill course under SPPU on the subject Yoga & Health, Personality Development, Music Therapy.

- We give lectures on the extramural Department of SPP University for Babasaheb Jaikar Vyakhyan Mala and Yashvantrao Chavhan Vyakhyan mala on Subject – Health Management and Personality Development.

- We Conduct Field visits Taljai for identifying various Weathering processes.

- We Organise Quiz based on General Knowledge and Geography based questions for FY, SY, and TY Students.


Department is organizing a skill-based short course on “Yogic Practices”for the students of Arts,Science and Commerce of our college.