Established in 2013


The Department of Marketing Management been established in the year 2013 with an aim to strive for skill enhancement among the undergraduate students.
The Department of Marketing Management been established in the year 2013 with an aim to strive for skill enhancement among the undergraduate students.The department has been conducting a variety of activities like visits,competitions, exhibitions and guest lectures in order to achieve the objectives since its inception. The Department plays a pivotal role in enhancing ‘knowledge and skill’ of the student. As global economic growth occurs, understanding marketing in all cultures is increasingly important. Marketing addresses global issues and describes concepts relevant to all marketers. There are many challenges in front of Marketing like cut throat competition, rapidly changing technology, standard quality, reasonable prices,personnel etc. The economic, political and social changes that have occurred over the last decade have dramatically altered the landscape of global business, Telecommunications, videophones, facsimile machines, the internet and satellites are helping companies to optimize their planning, production and procurement processes. Due to this the flow of goods is moving around the globe at lightning speed. Marketing and Management is developing science.It is concerned with seeing that the jobs gets done, its task all centers on planning and guiding the operations, that are going on in the organization. Management has now been regarded as a very important subject in the curriculum of all advanced Universities and many professional bodies in India.Marketing Management Department focuses on all the relevant business ethics, norms, standard rules, business practices etc. to the students, so that in future they are able to face any challenge occurs in the field of marketing.

Class Strength

Year 2015-2016
F.Y. Boys 210 Girls 210 Total 420
S.Y. Boys 32 Girls 22 Total 54
T.Y. Boys 25 Girls 24 Total 49
Total 523
Year 2014-2015
F.Y. Boys 181 Girls 180 Total 361
S.Y. Boys 44 Girls 31 Total 75
T.Y. Boys 36 Girls 31 Total 67
Total 503 Year 2013-2014
F.Y. Boys 180 Girls 180 Total 360
S.Y. Boys 41 Girls 30 Total 71
T.Y. Boys 32 Girls 32 Total 64
Total 495 Year 2012-2013
F.Y. Boys 184 Girls 184 Total 368
S.Y. Boys 42 Girls 41 Total 83
T.Y. Boys 43 Girls 33 Total 76
Total 527

Student Achievers

Year 2014-2015
Ms. Hetal Patel

Year 2013-2014
Ms. Pooja Parkhi Year 2012-2013
Ms. Pooja Pawar


Dr. Shraddha J. Prasad has successfully completed and submitted a minor research project of the BCUD of Savitribai Phule Pune University.


Year 2015-2016
F.Y. - 64.64%
S.Y. - 76.33%
T.Y. - 80.00%

Year 2014-2015
F.Y. - 75.82%
S.Y. - 88.50%
T.Y. - 91.00% Year 2013-2014
F.Y. - 78.25%
S.Y. - 75.00%
T.Y. - 89.25% Year 2012-2013
F.Y. - 81.60%
S.Y. - 71.50%
T.Y. - 81.35%

Tie Ups

St. Vincent College


Entire staff in the department is Ph.D


The Department intends to undertake a Minor Research Project of the Savitribai Phule Pune University in the coming academic year.