Established in 1994


The Department of Political Science (established in 1994) is one of the most popular departments in the Arts Faculty.
It has been attracting a large number of students every year and has been nurturing not just active citizens but also leaders and professionals. It is one of the most vibrant and dynamic departments in the College.

Class Strength

Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.A Boys 80 Girls 62 Total 142
S.Y.B.A Boys 54 Girls 34 Total 88
T.Y.B.A Boys 31 Girls 28 Total 55
Total 285
Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.A Boys 61 Girls 40 Total 101
S.Y.B.A Boys 46 Girls 29 Total 75
T.Y.B.A Boys 41 Girls 23 Total 64
Total 240 Year 2013-2014
F.Y.B.A Boys 67 Girls 36 Total 103
S.Y.B.A Boys 38 Girls 28 Total 66
T.Y.B.A Boys 34 Girls 21 Total 55
Total 224 Year 2012-2013
F.Y.B.A Boys 51 Girls 47 Total 98
S.Y.B.A Boys 40 Girls 22 Total 62
T.Y.B.A Boys 32 Girls 16 Total 48
Total 208

Student Achievers

Year 2015-2016 F.Y.B.A
Hasan Mulla
Ganesh Tandale
Sharda Misal S.Y.B.A
Nikhil Dhame
Sagar Pawar
Geetanjali Deshmukh T.Y.B.A
Sayali Gholap
Shubham Joshi
Rupali Bhosale
Ganesh Navale
Sagar Chavhan


- Students of this department have successively won trophies and individual prizes in the Inter-Collegiate Mock Parliament Competition since 2012.
- Students have won prizes in the Inter-Collegiate Political Science Festival called as ‘Neeti Kushal’ organized by S. P. College Pune. - Students have also been winning prizes in different state and university level elocution and essay writing competitions.


Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.A - 83%
S.Y.B.A - 93%
T.Y.B.A - 94%
Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.A - 87%
S.Y.B.A - 91%
T.Y.B.A - 100% Year 2013-2014
F.Y.B.A - 84%
S.Y.B.A - 94%
T.Y.B.A - 98% Year 2012-2013
F.Y.B.A - 82%
S.Y.B.A - 90%
T.Y.B.A - 96%

Tie Ups

- Alochana Documentation Centre - Samyak Sanstha Pune


Intercollegiate Mock-Parliament Competition – This Competition is organized by the Department of Political Science to introduce the students to the craft of governance and develop their debating and communication skills. The Competition is open for all students and teams of different colleges are invited to participate in the same.

Study Tours – The Department organizes an annual study tour to visit the State Legislature (Vidhan Bhawan) in Mumbai.

Educational Visits – The Department organizes visits to different educational, academic and governmental institutions as well as the bodies of local governance like municipal corporations.

Teachers Training Programs in Zoology and in Teaching.

Guest Lectures – Eminent personalities are invited by the Department to speak before the students on various topics.


- The department plans to start PG departments in the near future.

- To conduct various Certificate CoursesTo conduct various Certificate Courses.